Message from TfB RE Gritting

Message from Transport for Bucks:

Every day during the winter our teams are on standby, ready to go out. When we receive a snow forecast, we look at timings and temperatures in order to make the most appropriate plan.

Today we are presented with an extremely challenging forecast which indicates possible snow just before rush hour. If we send out the spreaders at this time, they will likely become embroiled in any traffic congestion. This will cause delays not only to road users, but to the salting route completion – spreading is ineffective at low speeds. Our plan, at this stage, is to put winter crews on depot standby from midday. We have to wait to assess rainfall; however, with the forecast at hand, we feel we should attempt to spread salt across the primary (precautionary) network, before 5pm.

Therefore, we may be seen by the public gritting in the rain which, under normal circumstances, we would not usually do in case the rain washed the salt away. The hope is to ensure some salt remains active until our next window of opportunity tonight from 18:00.

We then plan a further two treatments (at 20gsm) throughout the night to manage the ice risk across the primary network in time for the morning travel period. At this time we have no plans to treat the secondary (snow) routes.

Please be prepared for the possibility of travel disruption between 16:00 – 18:00

Things to remember:

Forecasts are just that – a best guess with the information available. If conditions differ to the forecast, different action will be taken, as appropriate. We are well equipped to swiftly alter our plans.

Salt is not a cure-all. Roads may still be icy, even if treated, as the salt needs tyre traction in order to be most effective. In instances where the road temperature falls below -8 degrees C, salt becomes ineffective, so it’s worth bearing in mind when driving that you may still encounter some icy conditions.

VMS signs around Aylesbury will be displaying road safety messages and gritting information as the day goes on.

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