Housing development in Ickford – we need your views

This notice has been distributed by Ickford Parish Council to all households in Ickford as we would like your views on a number of proposed developments in the village, so that we can fairly represent these to Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) Planning Department.


The Parish Council have been made aware of three current housing developments proposed for the village at various stages of preparation:

Land off Turnfields: This site’s promoter, Land & Partners, held a public meeting about this in early May. Their proposal has now reached an application stage, and is for around 30 houses. More information about their proposal can be found on their website: http://www.ickfordandpartners.tumblr.com

Land east of 42 Worminghall Road: The developer, CALA Homes, are preparing a planning application for around 66 new homes. They are holding a public consultation event on Tuesday 25th July, 2:30pm – 8pm, in the Village Hall, where residents can find out more about this proposal and share any views or concerns.

Pound Ground Field, Land off Worminghall Road and Ickford Road: An outline planning application has been submitted for 49 new homes. You can find out more about this application on the AVDC website: http://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/search-planning-licensing-applications (Application reference – 17/00352/AOP)

In addition to these proposed housing developments, Ickford School has recently submitted a planning application to build three additional classrooms to create a one form entry, and to increase the capacity of the school over time.

Map showing location of proposed housing developments

Background Information

You will be aware that currently a nationwide housing shortage and central government has made a national push to encourage the development of new housing stock. Through their work to produce a new Local Plan for the area (VALP), Aylesbury Vale District Council have identified that an additional 30,000 homes are required in the Aylesbury Vale area between now and 2033, and they are now working to identify suitable sites to deliver these homes. All towns and villages in the Aylesbury Vale will be asked to accommodate their share of this housing requirement, including Ickford and its neighbouring villages.

Following feedback from an earlier consultation on the Local Plan, Ickford is categorised as a ‘medium’ village because of its size and amenities such as the school, shop, village hall and pub. In the current draft of the Plan, ‘medium’ villages were allocated a housing growth of 19%, which for Ickford would equate to an additional 53 homes. Four new homes have already been committed leaving a requirement of 49 new homes. There are currently 275 households and a population (from the 2011 census) of 840 people in Ickford Parish.

As part of the VALP process, the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment identified 12 potential sites in Ickford. Of these, one site was deemed suitable for housing development – the land off Turnfields, for around 20 homes. However, this in itself does not prevent developers applying for planning permission on any other site within the village.

The publication of the final VALP draft has been delayed to the end of September, mainly to enable further research into suitable sites within the Vale to take place, following the publication of a further White Paper from central government.

Collecting your views

Your views and opinions matter, whether in favour of one or all developments, or not. Whilst the Parish Council do not make any decisions on Planning Applications, we have the opportunity to comment where we can make your opinions and concerns known. Therefore we are asking residents to click on the link below to complete this housing  questionnaire by 11th August 2017.

Housing Questionnaire

Whilst the Parish Council will endeavour to reflect your views in our formal response, we would also remind you that you can register your support or objection to these or any other planning application through the AVDC website.



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