Ickford Neighbourhood Plan

With the three planning applications within the Village still pending a decision, it is apparent that Ickford should have a Neighbourhood Plan. These plans carry weight and are as a consequence of the Government wanting people to have more say in how their communities might be protected and develop in the future. The plan would deal with land use and environmental qualities of Ickford, that have been identified by the Parish and as a result of the questionnaire circulated earlier this year. The process involves research, consultation and then the preparation and adoption of the plan by the villagers through a referendum. In short the plan would:

· Set out a vision for Ickford

· List the issues to be tacked and resolved during the next 25 year period

· Contain policies to protect our village and to enable appropriate development, to meet the needs for houses and jobs.

· The plan would also include maps of the village showing areas protected for various reasons, and areas directly affected by any adopted policies.

Worminghall has a plan in progress and Long Crendon, Marsh Gibbon and Ivinghoe (amongst others) have recently completed their plans.

I have agreed with the Parish Council to set up a working group to prepare the Ickford Plan. Though the group will be independent of the Parish Council, funds for the preparation of the plan will be diverted through the PC for administrative purposes. It is likely that the process of preparing, consulting, approving and adopting the plan may well take up to 18 months. For this to be successful we need a team of volunteers to assist with the process – experience is not necessary, but enthusiasm and a commitment to Ickford are!

If you are interested then please let me know. I will be arranging a meeting, probably early in the New Year for the appropriate officer from AVDC to come and explain the process and brief us all, so we can then get started. Please feel free to contact me – martin.armitstead@gmail.com or 07768 114020

Many thanks

Martin Armitstead

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