Ickford Village Shop

As everyone will be aware the shop has been closed since the 17th April as Vina is unwell and unable to work.

I would also advise that owing to personal and health reasons she has decided to give up the shop and post office so it may be some time before the shop will reopen.

The Ickford Village Shop Association is doing all it can to assist Vina in leaving the shop as quickly as possible and are working hard to find a replacement. Discussions are already in place to find a new owner and post master or mistress and we hope to find someone suitable very shortly but the likelihood is that the shop will be closed for a number of weeks but we hope the interruption can be kept to a minimum.

I have also been asked to let people know that certain items which may have been given to Vina for the post office prior to the 17th April have only been collected by the post office on the 26th April owing to the shop being closed but they are now in the system.

We will update everyone as soon as we know more.

Paul Farrell, Chairman
Ickford Village Shop Association

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