St Nicholas Church

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Ickford Church dates from around 1170, and is small, quiet and beautiful.

Image of Plan of Ickford Church © Victoria County History Via British History Online

Plan of Ickford Church © Victoria County History Via British History Online

Particular features of note are the variety of window styles, some exceptional furniture, and the Tipping Memorial, a design based on a famous memorial in Burford (see picture gallery).

Amongst our priests was Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677) who gave his name to the Sheldonian Theatre. Our vicar is Rev David Kaboleh, who lives in the Rectory at Worminghall.

We are a small but active congregation. Half our services are lay-led, and we are lucky to have members skilled in a number of areas – preaching, music, flower-arranging amongst them.

Once a year we celebrate our Patronal Festival with a special service, and enthrone a child bishop.

IMG_20151003_1126245The well-supported Friends Group, founded in 2006, regularly raises substantial sums for repair and enhancement of the church and grounds. More on the Friends can be found at

There is always a warm welcome at St Nicholas, and we look forward to seeing you.

For information about services please visit

Priest in charge :
Reverend David Kaboleh
Tel. 338839

Churchwardens :
Mrs Claire Hennessy Tel 339564
Mrs Anita Tansley Tel 339952

If you would like to contribute for flowers in church, or help with arranging flowers,
please contact Mrs Ann Crees Tel 338956

For an excellent history of the parish of Ickford and the church please visit the British History Online website.